pong members Merle Kröger and Philip Scheffner have been working in the authors group dogfilm (1991-1999) together with Bettina Ellerkamp, Jörg Heitmann and Ed van Megen. The films and videos have been realized in changing constellations from two to all five members.

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- "Zeit -Weg - Züge"; experimental documentary 16mm film (Kröger/ Ellerkamp/ Heitmann a.o.)

- "Freie Fahrt für Freie Bürger"; documentary (Kröger/ Ellerkamp/ Heitmann a.o.)

- "Coverage"; videoart (Kröger)

1992 (all following works by dogfilm):
- "A new dimension of lifestyle" -ASA- ; videoart

for Magazine "Z", Kanal 4:
- "Reklame"; videoart/spots; 0.30 - 1.30 Min. length of the single spots
- "Asyl"; videoart/documentary
- "Vereinigte Farben"; videoart/documentary
- "Geheim"; videoart/documentary

for Magazine "Linie K", WDR:
- "NS-Filme als Kaufcassetten"; documentary
for Magazine "Z", Kanal 4:
- "Energie treibt uns alle an"; videoart/documentary
- "Kabinenfieber"; videoart
- "Eurovision"; videoart/documentary
- "Soap"; videoart
- "Sauber"; videoart/documentary
- "Vertical Reality"; videoart
- "Buchenwald"; videoart/documentary
- "Gipfeltreffen"; videoart
- "heute"; videoart/documentary
- "E.T.P."; videoart

for Magazine "Phase 2", Kanal 4:
- "Synonym AIDS"; videoart/documentary
- "If... video fragments from a visit to Beirut"; documentary (independent production)
for ZDF/ ARTE (Thematic Evening "Sinne"):
"Out of Body"; Video-Essay; 26 Min.
for ZDF/ Das Kleine Fernsehspiel:
- "Juristic Bodies"; Video-Essay; 49 Min.

for ZDF/ ARTE:
"Soap oder Das Leben ist eine Seifenoper"; written/ directed and produced by dogfilm.
A three hour programme with nine different documentaries, video-essays and videoart.
- "Soap around the World"; documentary serial
- "My Life is a Soap Opera"; portrait serial

for ZDF/ ARTE:
"Kein Mensch ist illegal"; concept and in parts written/ directed and produced by dogfilm.
A four and a half hour programme with different documentaries, essays and discussions
- "Planeta Alemania - observations from invisibility"; documentary
- "Mit fremder Hilfe"; documentary
- "Kein Mensch ist illegal-TV"; documentary serial/ discussion

for 3Sat/ quantum:
- "workstation"; experimental TV magazine pilot, consisting of five short videos and a framework narration

The videos were shown on national and international festivals and screenings from Oberhausen to Montevideo. For the video "Soap" we got the 1995 Award for Innovative Videoart at the International Video Award at ZKM Karlsruhe / SWF Baden-Baden."Juristic bodies" received the audience award at the Videforum Freiburg in 96.We also got an award (Norman 95) for best short film at Filmwinter Stuttgart. dogfilm tapes were also part of national and international art exhibitions.

exhibitions/ events/ art projects (selection):

As part of our work with the association "Botschaft e.V." and with "dogfilm" we have developed and organized exhibtions/ events ourselves as well as we have been inivited to participate in exhibitions as individual artists or members of artists groups.

- "Objektiv gegen Rechts" (Neofascism as Topic of Documentaries in BRD and GDR); film screenings; Jojo Club, Berlin (Kröger a.o.)
- "Antifa-Happening"; exhibition and film screenings; HDK (Art University) Berlin (Kröger / Ellerkamp / Heitmann / van Megen /
- "Dromomania - Kult und Ritual der täglichen Fortbewegung"; exhibition, events, cross-disciplinary projects; Botschaft e.V., Berlin (Botschaft e.V.)
- "Produktinformation"; art installation for the VIP-Filmfestival; Berlin (Scheffner)

- "Denkmal fuer die Opfer des 6.Januar 1991"; art installation for the international documentary and video festival; Kassel (Scheffner)
- "Fax The Message"; fax event and posters about the Gulf War; Public Space, Berlin (Botschaft e.v.)
- "Pictures of Democracy"; exhibition and video; KAOS Gallery, Cologne (Kröger/ Scheffner)
- "Iquitos"; exhibition with the group "atp" (association for touristic perspectives); Billboard artspace, Berlin (Kröger/ van Megen/ Scheffner)

- "Indiskret"; group exhibition and novel; "Friseur der Botschaft", Berlin (Botschaft e.V.)
- "Magdeburg '92"; exhibition; Dirty Windows Gallery, Berlin (Botschaft e.V.)
- "richtig '92"; exhibition; allgirls gallery, Berlin and Transit Gallery, Leuwen/ Belgium (Botschaft e.V.)
- "Jetzt Zeichen setzen!"; group exhibition; Starke Foundation, Berlin (Botschaft e.V.)
- "Fishing for Documents - Documentary between Tradition and Experiment"; seminar and film/ video screenings; "Friseur der Botschaft" and Babylon Cinema, Berlin (Botschaft e.V., Hanno Baethe, Romuald Karmakar, Shelly Silver a.o.)
- "Museum für Geschichte"; exhibition series; "Friseur der Botschaft", Berlin (Botschaft e.V. a.o.)
- "High Noon 2007"; exhibition; Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (Scheffner)
- artist`s studio grant at Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (Kroeger / van Megen / Scheffner)

"Der Katalog ist da!"; exhibition with the group "atp"; presentation box at the International Tourism Fare; Berlin (Kröger/ van Megen/ Scheffner)
- "O.T."; exhibition; Kunstitut Stuttgart (Botschaft e.V.)
- "Kollektive Projekte: Botschaft e.V."; exhibition and newspaper; Interim Gallery/ BBK, Munich (Botschaft e.V.)
- "Fishing for Documents II"; film/ video screenings; "Friseur der Botschaft", Berlin (Botschaft e.V., Hanno Baethe, Jayce Salloum a.o.)
- "Endlich dieser Überblick"; video art presentation; "Friseur der Botschaft", Berlin (Botschaft e.V.)
- "corporate identity projects"; exhibition; "Friseur der Botschat", Berlin (Scheffner)

- "Sammlung Scheffner"; exhibition; National Museum Kopenhagen (Scheffner)
- "Berlin-Beirut"; artists communication project between Botschaft e.V. and artists from Beirut; 14 days stay in Beirut; presentation at the Goethe-Institute, Beirut (Botschaft e.V.)
- "Praxis"; exhibition and lecture; Shedhalle ,Zurich (Botschaft e.V.)

- "Dagegen/ Dabei: Radio 70/90"; group art project; Kunstverein Hamburg (Botschaft e.V., minimal club a.o.)
- "Nature TM: Radio TM"; group art project; Shedhalle, Zürich (Botschaft e.V., minimal club a.o.)
- "outburst of signs"; group exhibition: Munich (Scheffner)

- A.N.Y.P.; art magazine; collective writing on TV (dogfilm)

- "The Bridge Is Not The Territory: Free:Lance!"; group art project in public space/ novel with the group "25 Mio. HK$; Association of Galleries, Fleetinsel Hamburg (Kröger/ Ellerkamp/ Zeyfang a.o.)
- "Just Watch"; symposium and group exhibition/ internet project with the group "atp" and Anirban; Shedhalle, Zurich (Kröger/ van Megen/ Scheffner))
- A.N.Y.P.; art magazine; collective writing on the project "Soap" (dogfilm)

- "Listen to my house"; group exhibition, Forum Stadtpark Graz (Kröger / Scheffner)
- "We Are Somewhere Else Already"; group exhibition, Swiss Institute New York City (dogfilm)
- member of the Internatonal Jury at the video art festival "Videonale 8"; Kunstverein Bonn (dogfilm)
- "Revolting"; group exhibition, Manchester (dogfilm)
- "Hungry Minds Think Alike?" screenings, exhibition and seminar with artists, filmmakers and authors from eight different countries; Kunstamt Kreuzberg, Berlin (dogfilm, Hanno Baethe/ Zaki Omar, Anirban Dhar, Urmi Juvekar, Vladimir Tyulkin, Shelly Silver, Jayce Salloum a.o.)

- "Program Television"; group exhibition; Shedhalle, Zurich (dogfilm)
- "Baustop Randstadt"; group exhibition; NGBK, Berlin (dogfilm)

- "Soap Around The World"; solo exhibition; Graz (dogfilm)

Events/ projects of Botschaft e.V. have been supported by the department for decentralized culture Berlin-Centre, the cultural department of the City of Berlin, the IFA (institute for international relations/ ministery of foreign affairs) a.o.

Projects of dogfilm have been supported by the cultural department of Berlin, the "Auswärtiges Amt" Bonn, the Republic of Canada a.o.