Star Biz

Filmessay by Merle Kröger & Dorothee Wenner

with: Urmi Juvekar, Ravi Chopra, Hans-Michael Huber and others

Director & Script: Merle Kröger & Dorothee Wenner
Camera: Bernd Meiners
Sound: Pascal Capitolin
Editing: Merle Kröger
Music: Philip Scheffner
Production & Distribution: Worklights Media Production (Marcie K. Jost & Peter Zorn)
Year of production: 2005
Format: DigiBeta, 82 min, stereo, colour, 16:9
STAR BIZ was produced as part of the project: "IMPORT EXPORT"

"STAR BIZ" observes the meeting of two corporate giants:
the German car industry and the Indian film industry.
Taking the Mercedes as a symbol, this hyperrealistic documentary explores the cultural appropriation of a Western luxury good through the Eastern middle and upper class.
With unconventional methods, Bombay-based script writer Urmi Juvekar, throughout this "Road-docu" tries to find out, how Bollywood is involved with the Swabian dream to establish Indian role models, driving the car with the star across the screens.