"a/c bus shuttle project"

The 'a/c bus shuttle' is a mobile audio perfomance based on the audio CD 'a/c' by philip scheffner. see also audio CD a/c and a/c video

Inside a bus or mini-van, CD-Players with headphones are being installed.
The audience is being driven through the city along some premeditated tour, listening to the CD a/c. The city tour last exactly 42 minutes - the duration of the audio CD 'a/c'. The listener becomes the observer of his / her own city being estranged through the sound track of a/c. You start seeking synchronicities between the image (the passing city) and the sound (the CD) which appear accidently and evaporate immediately. The 'a/c bus shuttle project' is not a site-specific event. It's actually the opposite and can be perfomed in any urban environment. The a/c bus shuttle was firstly performed on a small scale in Berlin in October 2002. Using a mini-van, the city tours were designed to pass through suburbian areas and industrial wastelands. The 'a/c-Bus shuttle' was performed again at the opening night of the 'Festival Internacional de Musica Experimental LEM' in Barcelona in october 2003. Here a public transport bus was used, carrying approximately 80 people frrom the heart of the Gracia district to the Caixa Forum. In 2004 the a/c bus shuttle started again during the "tourist-city" exhibition in Bremen.