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The sixties have begun and with them the age of Aquarius. Adolf Eichmann is sentenced to death in Jerusalem. Konrad Adenauer pledges military aid for Israel. At the same time, however, large numbers of German aircraft designers, engine builders and rocket technicians are drawn to Egypt.

Rita Hellberg, the daughter of an engineer, actually just wants to visit her parents in Cairo. But her father decides: The family belongs together. Egypt's President Nasser dreams of an African arms industry, and so her father builds a fighter-bomber. While her mother refuses to accept life in Cairo, Rita soon realizes that there can be no better place for her to enter her own future. She allows herself to be swept away into a fascinating world in upheaval. Only with time does she realize that she has landed in the middle of a conflict in which historical and future, global political and regional interests are being fought for by any means necessary. Everyone is watching everyone else, bombs are exploding, people are dying. Rita Hellberg has to decide where she stands.


Novel by Merle Kröger
Edited by Thomas Wörtche
With an afterword by Stefanie Schulte Strathaus

suhrkamp paperback 4997
Hardcover, 688 pages
ISBN: 978-3-518-46997-2


  • awards

    • BLOODY COVER 2022 (nominated)
    • Crime Cologne Award 2021 (shortlist)
    • German Crime Award 2021
    • 1st place on the best crime novels list 2021
    • Stuttgart Crime Award 2022