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Peace Mission is a guided tour through Nollywood, featuring Peace Aniyam-Fiberesima as main protagonist. The founder and CEO of the African Movie Academy takes the audience to film locations, markets and celebrity hang-outs in the vibrant production hub Lagos and meets key personalities of the Nigerian film business along the way: stars, directors, producers, marketers. Versatile and full of energy, they all share the vision of making Nollywood the long sought after platform of re-telling Africa's history from an African point of view.
Nollywood is a discovery to be made for Western audiences, who got stuck in a perception of Africa as a continent of dependency. Since this fact is also a result of Western media perception of Africa, "Peace Mission" presents fresh media images, eager to start a new chapter of relationship with each other.


Peace Aniyam-Fiberesima | Ifeanyi Onyeabor
Mahmood Ali-Balogun | Kanayo O Kanayo
Jahman Oladjo Anikulapo | Chief Franz Obinwa
Chuks Aniyam | Faruk & Maimunah Sayyadi
Kate Henshaw-Nuttal | Ugochukwu G. Igbokwe
Shaibu Husseini | Obi Madubogwu
Jackie Appiah | Ini Edo | Paul Obazele
The Aniyam Osigwe Family | Dr. Don Pedro Obaseki

Script | Director Dorothee Wenner
Director of Photography Bernd Meiners
Sound Pascal Capitolin
Editor Merle Kröger
Music Philip Scheffner
Sound Mix Tatjana Jakob
Postproduction Matthias Behrens / wave-line Berlin
Producers Merle Kröger, Philip Scheffner
Commissioning Editor ZDF / arte Kathrin Brinkmann

produced by pong film
commissioned by ZDF
in collaboration with ARTE
supported by Evangelischer Entwicklungsdienst



  • festivals

    Selection of festivals 2008-09:

    • Toronto International Film Festival
    • Zimbabwe International Film Festival
    • Pusan International Film Festival
    • Sao Paulo International Film Festival
    • Semana Intern. de Cine de Valladolid
    • Kasseler Doumentarfilm- & Videofest
    • Stockholm International Film Festival
    • The London African Filmfestival
    • Dubai International Film Festival
    • Jerusalem International Film Festival
    • Zanzibar International Film Festival
    • Festival de Granada Cines del Sur, Spain
    • Africa Cont. Lisboa, Portugal
    • Africala Film Festival, Mexiko
    • Lagunimages, Cotonou/Benin
    • Windhoek International Film Festival
    • Buenos Aires Film Festival
    • Festival des cinémas africains, Brussels
    • Honkong International Film Festival
    • Festival Int. de Films de Fribourg
    • Birds Eye View, London
    • Pan African Film Festival, LA / USA