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The doors of Germany's public broadcasters are opening. Behind them lies an immeasurable treasure trove of educational content, historical documents and film history. In order to make this treasure accessible to a diverse public, models of future archive practice are needed. "The Fifth Wall" brings together films, reports, moderations, texts, letters and photos by filmmaker and editor Navina Sundaram from over 40 years of work for television. Extracted from ARD archives and Sundaram's private archive, "The Fifth Wall" is a curated look at German migration and media history. Navina Sundaram takes center stage as an author who takes a journalistic stance: on internationalism and decolonization, class issues, racism, immigration, Indian and German politics.


Concept / Realization Merle Kröger, Mareike Bernien
English translation Rubaica Jaliwala
Web Design Laura Oldenbourg, Michael Scharnagl, Sebastian Göbel 
Postproduction Studio wave-line
Collaboration João Carvalho, Roland Lauth, Emerson Culurgioni
Federal Agency for Civic Education
arsenal - Institute for Film and Video Art e.V.
Sher-Gil Sundaram Arts Foundation (SSAF)

kroeger(at), bernien(at)



  • presentations


    • Exhibition - Die Fünfte Wand, dokumentarfilmwoche Hamburg 24.04.2023 -30.4.2023
    • Lecture Performance „Moving People“: Political Filmmaking on Migration and Discrimination, Bombay University, Mumbai 15.4.2023
    • Seminar and Film Screening, Pune University and Goethe Institute India, University of Pune 13.4.2023
    • Seminar and Film Screening, SSAF & Goethe Institute India, Max Mueller Bhavan, Bangalore 4.5.2023
    • Gender Performance and Archiving, SSAF & Goethe Institute India, JNU, School of Arts & Aesthetics 3.4.2023
    • Decolonizing Practices: Framing News, Circulation Archives, SSAF & Goethe Institute India, Max Mueller Bhavan, Delhi 1.4.2023


    • Die Fünfte Wand- Kuratorin im Gespräch, Kunsthochschule für Medien 14.6.2022
    • Online Panel Discussion: The Fifth Wall: A Digital Archive, Sher-Gil Sundaram Arts Foundation (SSAF), India 22.1.2022
    • Die fünfte Wand - Filmreihe, Sinema Transtopia 16.01.2022-27.02.2022 


    • Die Fünfte Wand, Kasseler Dokfest 20.11.2021 
    • Filmreihe - Von hier - DFF Frankfurt / Main 11.9.2022
    • Die Fünfte Wand - Website Launch, Archival Assembly, Kino Arsenal, Berlin 5.9.2021
  • awards

    Nomination for the Grimme Online Award