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A web series and fashion brand between Kinshasa, Guangzhou and Berlin hijacking cultural stereotypes and stealing its audience for a roller coaster ride through real and fake, piracy and appropriation. A Berlin film team is sent to the Congo by a PR agency with close ties to the government. Their mission: to shoot a trailer for an image campaign intended to change the public perception of Africa in Germany. During the shoot, the team encounters the famous fashionista guerillas, the local film making scene, and designers whose creativity reaches far beyond cool outfits. 'Kizobazoba' - Lingala for 'improvisation' - becomes their guiding principle and results in the quarreling team transforming a film project into a fashion label. Kinshasa Collection creates feedback between the digital and the analog as much as between fiction and reality.


Idea/Script/Director Dorothee Wenner
Assistant Director/Sound Pascal Capitolin
Director of Photography Jana Keuchel
Editors/Dramaturgy Merle Kröger, Philip Scheffner
Web-Concept & Realization Micz Flor, Laura Oldenbourg, Michael Scharnagl
Title Song Wilfried Luzele aka LovaLova
KC Logo Cedrick Nzolo

Patrick Ken Kalala
Tshoper Kabambi
Kadhaffi Mbuyamba
Nelson Makengo
Yubin Xie
Zimu Zhang

Alex Gerbaulet, Merle Kröger, Philip Scheffner
Co-produzcer Goethe-Institut Kinshasa Gitte Zschoch
Line Producer Kinshasa Tshoper Kabambi
Line Producer Guangzhou Zimu Zhang
Production Fashion Show Berlin Goitseone Montsho

Make-up Team O-XUM 
Adwoa Ode-Dombrow, Danielle Schmid, Iefset Sahrit

Fashion Designers
Daniel Mbuezo
Cedrick Nzolo
Lydie Okosa
Djo Shongo
Frau Wagner

Vogue Artists
Adrian Blount
Lee Chow

Cassianne Lawrence
Bobby Shirima
Katerina Dezer

Lova Lova
Ange Da Costa
Jee Young Sim