Reflektion in einer Straßenlaterne


off season
The season is over.
A natural ressort in the loop of waiting.
The composition 'off season’ describes the attempt to get in contact with this special situation - the media of communication being microphone and binocular.
Observing nature works under similar dramatic patterns as the recording of sound.
The observer stands for the attempt to dissolve into the process of observing, to become invisble and unhearable. This process of disappearance is determined to fail, but it creates all kinds of side effects. Unintended sounds are produced, building the source material for the work 'off season'. Moments, which characterize the processual structure of sound recording, pushing the person behind the microphone into the center of attention. The focus is blurring in the cramped position of the invisible observer, the intruder who tries to hide his invasion. Abstract chains of association leave traces of images and fragments of memory.


Artist Philip Scheffner
Format 1 track, 50 minutes

commissioned by the soundart department of the
german radio station Deutschlandradio Kultur
First broadcast: 7. April 2006


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